grovery wonderlin and ryan piekarczyk

Grover Wonderlin and Ryan Piekarczyk

The Wonderlin Dream Team

Grover Wonderlin has been the driving force behind his family-run business since 1992. He has specialized in residential and commercial re-roofing. Grover’s son-in-law, Ryan Piekarczyk, is a substantial part of Wonderlin Roofing’s backbone. He started with Wonderlin in 2003 as a job foreman and is now co-owner with Grover. Grover and Ryan oversee every job, from estimating to applying the new roof. They provide customers with high-quality work and service. This hands-on approach by the owners limits the number of roof projects taken at any time. Still, they firmly believe in quality over quantity. Our customers end up with a much better roof and far fewer headaches and hassles throughout the process. Grover and Ryan give their cell phone numbers to every customer, so they can directly reach them during business hours to address concerns or questions throughout the project.

Our Philosophy

This formula works. Wonderlin Roofing Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1992. As experts in the re-roofing industry, we have serviced thousands of satisfied customers. The Wonderlin team has extensive knowledge of roofing problems and how to solve them efficiently. As a result, we are rated an A+ business by the Better Business Bureau.

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