Repairs & Maintenance

Roof Repairs

We have many years of experience in detecting roof leaks and finding a remedy. This will save you the headache of a leaky roof causing damage to your home. Repairs can differ depending on the job, however they usually are completed in a very short period of time and are backed by a workmanship warranty.

Tile Roof Maintenance

We provide written roof inspection reports. This will include a basic examination of the roof to determine its condition. It will tell you if the roof is in a "watertight" condition and if we recommend any repairs be made. Roof inspection reports are very helpful when selling or purchasing a home. With years of industry experience and a strong customer service reputation, Wonderlin Roofing Systems Inc. will give you a fair and honest assessment of your roof.

Our tile roof maintenance usually consists of cleaning out all debris from valleys/waterways. In some cases, the tiles in these areas are removed so that the underlayment and/or the sheathing underneath can be repaired/replaced. We also replace any broken or significantly cracked tiles with new tiles. We seal vents to help prevent future leaks. A tile roof maintenance vs. re-roofing is a much more cost effective way of protecting your investment. With proper maintenance your tile roof will last you many more years to come!

Shake Roof Maintenance

The purpose of a shake maintenance is to prolong the life of your shake roof without re-roofing. This can be done when your shake roof still has some life left. Although each roof is different, a shake maintenance usually consists of replacing or shimming all shakes that are broken or missing. New shakes are installed over areas where felt is exposed. Vents are sealed as necessary. We provide a workmanship warranty.

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Wonderlin Roofing Systems is located in Castro Valley, CA in the San Francisco Bay area. We are 100% committed to providing the best service possible for your roofing needs.
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We specialize in residential re-roofing and have been building quality roofs since 1992. With over 25 years in the roofing industry, Grover Wonderlin has been the driving force behind his family run business.
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We love our new roof and its been getting lots of compliments, including from the inspector!
- Beth F. Lafayette

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